Welcome to 107pitbulls.com. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to check us out and see what we're about. We're a small family owned kennel located in Lafayette, LA. All of our dogs are UKC registered. We specialize in the XXL lines of pitbulls based off the gotti and razors edge bloodlines.

I can ship anywhere it is legal to own a superior specimen of pitbull even international. NO DOGS ARE SOLD OR INTENDED FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES!

Here at 107pitbulls we believe in quality not quantity.  We are striving to create our perfect pitbull which consist of males ranging from 110-140lbs on a 20 inch frame. Females ranging from 90-120lbs on an 18 inch frame. With the breedings we have lined up our goal seems to be almost in our grasp.

Feel free to contact us at (337)277-6010 or email us at pitbulls107@yahoo.com. We will be glad to hear from you.

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             WELCOME TO 107PITBULLS


Look at Carlos trying to hold the monster Dezi

Dezi showing off her neck to the haters

Mannnnn just look at Destiny. SMH. It just doesn't make sense how good this girl is turning out. She amazes me everytime I walk into the back yard. She sits at around 108lbs at a year old. Dezi went into her first heat 2 months ago, so it is almost showtime. Dezi has been bred to one of the freakiest dogs i've ever layed eyes on. Keep an eye out on our breedings page for updates.


Katana @ almost 2 yrs old Katana @ 6 weeks

 This is what you can expect from 107 pitbulls. Here's a Magnum daughter. This is what we are striving for. To produce the next generation of game changers. Owned by Bull of Belle Place Blues...Katana had pups for Rivi on 01/12/2015. Pups are on the for sales page



RIVI the  140 lb beast!!! Vulcan sticking his tongue out for the ladies lol



Awww man. Yep another one. Here's  the newest addition to the 107 fam. Meet BoomBoom. Shes off of Bluerock bulliez tank bred to a Juggernaut daughter. Can you say pedigree? Let's say it together... Pedddddd--------Ahhhhhh-------Greeeeeeee!!!!


Ok, I swear this is our last female. Well maybe one more, lol. Introducing Juicy. Take a seat before I give yall her pedigree. Ready? This girl is off XB Whiskey bred to Sky(XB Comet littermate sister). She is officially our largest female at 118 lb of monster. New pics coming soon. He next breeding is set to create some of the biggest dogs in the world!!! Keep an eye on our breedings pg. IT WON"T DISAPPPOINT!!!


First and foremost, I gotta thank God. Owning a kennel has always been a dream of mine and without God it never would of been possible for this to occur.  

Here at 107 pits we are doing some of the best breedings in the nation. And no we are not conceded but we are very pleased with the way our breeding program is going. We have decided to incorporate the gk line to add more bone to our program. So just sit back and wait. We will be one of the hottest kennels in the nation. Guarenteed!!! 

Why buy a dog from 107 pitbulls? Here are all dogs we've sold!!!

Codeine off Vulcan X Crenshaw

Casey off Head Honcho X Boom Boom

Sawtooth Bullies Spock Off Vulcan x Precious

Jordan off our Jugg X Juicy Breeding

EKG Kennels Dream off our Magnum X Mya breeding


Lil Vulcan at 11 months at 120 lbs off Vulcan x Sky

Missloublue kennels blueprint off Gucci x Jugg

And this is only the tip of the Iceberg!!!